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How Secure Printing Can Keep Sensitive and Confidential Information Safe

Shared printers go through so much work, from employee salary details, medical records to termination paperwork, these are just some of the documents wherein a company uses a printer. 

The dilemma is that there are documents that should not be shared, and that is next to impossible if you have a shared printer. Providing the tools for the employees to handle private and confidential information properly is the responsibility of the company. 

Why you need secure printing

Every type of business works with confidential information. Some examples of this are employees’ tax information, salary and insurance details, legal documentation, medical information, termination papers and student records. 

Depending on the nature of your business, you may also be dealing with confidential customer information. Everything from payment information and credit card numbers down to home addresses, very valuable information for identity thieves. It is your responsibility as a company to keep this information secure. Thus secure printing software can be an important part of your security process. 

Secure printing software is one tool that can control the transfer and the production of sensitive information. It also works by tying you to the document by requiring that you identify yourself at the printer, through PIN# or through an ID card before you begin production. 

This ensures that the confidential and private documents do not get lost in the paper shuffle or that it does not get picked up by unauthorized viewers. 

How to safely print confidential documents

Secure print features on the multifunction and standard print devices today allows you to manually set the documents to print confidentially. By doing this, you can remove the risk of someone viewing sensitive information or taking important documents. 

Whether you are printing the salary information of the employee or if you are printing files for patients, secure print can be very useful in numerous company scenarios. 

The alternative to secure printing software is placing the responsibility of secure printing on people and those people in departments. Beyond manually setting up secure printing, some of the businesses also elect to give personal printers to those who need to regularly print securely, like HR employees. 

Private access to a personal printer is one way that businesses make sure that documents are handled only authorized users, the same way that secure printing does. 

When thinking which option is best for you, you need to think about the sufficiency of personal printers vs. the secure printing software. 

Personal printer

Personal printers for secure printing can be best in smaller companies simply because the amount of print devices, and the number of people using them, is limited. The private printer of the company should be accessible to employees who are given the go signal to handle this kind of information. So, in order to prevent exposing confidential documents, the printer must be located in a secure location. 

Secure printing software

Secure printing software, like PaperCut, is usually necessary for larger organizations with a massive number of employees, handling secure information. This allows numerous employees to use the same printer, while the company still maintains the security benefits of using a personal printer. 

Printing to shared printers with secure printing capabilities is usually more cost effective because the device can be used by more employees, instead of limiting it only to those that are approved to handle confidential information. 

How do you protect your confidential information? Choosing the best secure printing for you is the key, but it will depend on numbers of factors. That includes the size of your organization, the number of users that needs secure capabilities and the overall printing requirements. 

Secure printing helps to minimize the risk of exposing confidential information, and it helps keep both of your employees’ and customers’ information secure. 
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