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Key Tips for Choosing the Right Copiers and Printers

Copiers and printers, just like any other product, also come with specifications and price ranges. Consumers have this common mentality: the better they function and are more efficient, the pricier. But it’s not every day we have all that money to avail every good or need to choose the right printer or copier that suits the workplace. But it may also be a pain to think all of it just through the head as someone may get stuck on deciding what kind of such supplies to buy. To ease decision-making, here are some KEY TIPS to consider before you finally decide to make a purchase:

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Set Standards for Functionality

Determine first the baseline purposes of the desired kind or type of copier. Jot down all of the essential features for necessity though it is also appropriate to add more based on the customer’s heart content. Many copiers have a multitude of functionalities such as copying, faxing, scanning, printing, folding, binding, stapling, and more. And with certain machines, all of this can be automated. Finalize the list of all the functions and purposes of the copier to be bought.

Printing Demands

It is also important to know the printing rate for certain periods. Whether it is only a few pages a day or thousands a month, it is essential to identify how many people will line up on the printing machine. This is now where lower price has to be thought twice considering high printing demands.

Printer Durability and Efficiency

Talking about high printing demands, swiftness or speed must also get incorporated and provided that the print quality shall always be checked. It may be recommended to also assess the workplace as all the employees are perhaps falling in line for their print jobs while not compromising core priority tasks. Thus, two options may be presented: whether to buy all that budget allocation for few but quality printers or sacrifice quality to emphasize more on quantity for production. Find the perfect balance.


While the printer’s price to be bought has been finally decided ‘affordable,’ does the workplace need lots of them? Is it within the budget allocation? What about maintenance costs? It is important to discuss with the employer if the carefully-thought standards of printers to be availed don’t meet the given budget allowance.  

Selling-out Old Printers

Like most technical products, copiers and printers are also prone to be devalued and outdated after certain periods. Thus, the need to buy new, updated ones. But those old copiers cannot be disposed of casually, so it may be best to lease or permanently sell them out. This would come to a refund that can be added to the budget allocation for transacting a new set of updated copier printer models.

There is also an idea at which an employee can ask the supplies department to buy or rent some, if not all, the old printers. Though it costs the employee some money, it is quite beneficial to own the old printers that can still be used and maximize the workforce and the available new and up-to-date ones.


Learn to weigh in all aspects of every workplace situation before deciding to buy copiers and printers. What are the needs to be addressed? What specifications were dire important? Can it guarantee the intended easiness and comfort in the workplace? Is it affordable by the company’s allowance and expenses? Or is it even the right time to buy new ones while the current ones still meet the demands?