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7 Things to Look For In a Small Business Copier

You may be looking for a new copier that can handle the demands of your small business. Whether you require a printer, fax machine, or scanner, there are many factors to consider when purchasing one. This article will help you focus on what to look for in a small business copier so that you can make an informed decision and get the best technology for your company!

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What are the seven things you should look for in a small business copier?



-Paper Capacity

-Duplexing Capability

-Scanning capabilities

-Features Beyond Copying

-Cost per copy

Why are these seven things important?

– Cost: Find out what you’re willing to spend and then take a look at how that impacts other features, such as paper capacity or duplexing capability. You may be surprised by how small investment can bring significant results for your business!

– Size: If space is limited in your office, it’s best to get one with a smaller footprint, so it doesn’t take up any more room than necessary. However, this will also determine how many copies per minute it can produce. Think about whether the speed is something that significant matters for your company before deciding that!

– Paper Capacity: It’s essential documents to make sure you’re purchasing a machine that can accommodate your needs. Think about how many copies per month or year are made and then buy documents excellent accordingly.

– Duplexing Capability: This is often an optional feature, but if you print many double-sided documents, it should be at the top of your list when looking for small business copiers.

– Scanning Capabilities: If this capability sounds like something that would be useful in your office, consider what types of things will need to be scanned as well (single sheets? Envelopes?). You may not want a duplexer if scanning capabilities aren’t needed because they’ll take up more space than necessary and cost more money.

– Features Beyond Copying: If your copier is used for more than just copying, such as printing or faxing, look at what features are available, as different speeds of copies/prints or auto document feeder. These may come in handy when using other functions of the photocopier.

– Cost per Copy: The cost per copy is something that should be considered with any purchase decision because it can add up quickly if too many documents need to be made often enough while paying top dollar for ink cartridges (a side note on printer cartridges

What are the features we should look for in a small business copier?

– Ability to print

Ability to print. All copiers should be able to perform this task, but there is usually a tradeoff. Multiple pages could get jammed together if it can’t accommodate them all at once due to lack of paper tray capacity; alternatively, fewer copies may come out because each page will have been printed separately with too much time in between

– Paper feeder for large batches of paper

This is necessary if you need to process lots of pages at once; it will also save time and money as there’s no risk that the copier gets jammed when the input tray fills up.

– Faxing capability, and scanning capabilities

If this isn’t available, then your business should consider purchasing both separately because they’re indispensable in today’s economy.

– Colour or black & white printing option

Colour may not be necessary if most documents are black & white, but colour could impact essential marketing materials like brochures.

What is a good brand for the small business copier?

– Canon

– Xerox

– Epson

Canon, Xerox and Epson. These are three of the most popular brands in our industry for small business copiers. They’re all good choices, but each has its own set of pros and cons to consider.