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Copier Paper Jams: How to Fix It & Stop It From Happening Again

Have you experienced seeing your papers or sheets of documents get stuck in the printer? It is so irritating and frustrating at the same time. And or are you the person who gets stuck fixing the printer when it is jammed?

Today’s machines are much easier to fix, and innovative prevention should be done to stop these from happening again. A little patience should be used to improve clogged machines like this one. Here are the effective ways to fix one. You must take a look at it, consider and try. 

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Good for you as today’s technology is advanced and can be easily used for something like that issue. 

When a paper gets stuck and does not know how and what to do, it is better not to be panicked; many people panic whenever a problem happens in their machines, but that will not result in fixing the printer. The first thing to do is not panic, then see the transparent jam processing system within the computer since that machine is computer-generated, so it will be easy to know how to pull the jammed paper well. 

A control panel can be seen, and there is a step-by-step process or presentation, a visual display that will show you how. Be sure to gently pull the paper so that no paper will be left on the printer. However, when paper jams are remaining, check the control panel, and it will show you where the left paper is located, and by that, you can pull the paper now. Just do not panic and act accordingly.


  • You have to call for some help from the ones who can manage the problem on your printer effectively and efficiently. The person who has the right knowledge and proper skills to handle and fix what you are worrying about. It is the best thing to do so more complications may not occur. Do not force yourself to fix it if you panic and do not properly manage it. Bad results may happen if you do. Ask that professional 

the step-by-step process of fixing it and asking for some demonstrations while doing it. By that, you will know, and for the next time that that problem happens again, you will now be the one who can fix it on your own.


You should let yourself know the possible causes of why paper jams occur in the printer or copier. This will prevent the occurrence of paper jamming.

1. Misaligned paper– It is the cause itself sometimes. When putting a paper on the tray, always check if it is properly aligned to avoid a paper jamming issue. Also, avoid placing a lot of paper into the tray ( to avoid overloading), which is probably why.

2. Sticky paper– Check if a paper is not glued up or stuck with another paper which is usually the cause of paper jamming. 

3. Dust inside– Clean and don’t stock your printer at a corner as dirt comes inside, making paper jams. Also, it can damage the printed image. So keep trays and printers clean. 

4. Small materials enter– Staples and small clips can enter the printer, resulting in paper jamming. 

Therefore, these ways and precautions will help you print effectively and will not get disappointed with any problems like paper jams. Do not panic and keep calm to handle the issue properly so that more complications will not occur. Search and ask professionals for the things you should know that can make you realise how to fix such a thing. 

Better to try and test yourself these ways whenever your printer gets paper jammed. 

Suppose you are experiencing such problems. This one is good for you!