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Which Is Right For You Light Print or Toner Saver

Toner cartridges for printers and copiers have an indicator that lets you know how many pages you can print per cartridge. Sadly, in most cases, you will get fewer than the indicated figure, and sometimes, you get significantly lesser pages.

Part of keeping a business working successfully to have the proper office equipment. Printers and copier Nashville services, for example, are basic necessities. However, toners for your printers can take a huge chunk of your budget. The way you or your employees utilize your printer can affect how your toner performs. This is one reason why some organizations prefer printing in light mode. While this may help save your toner significantly, is it really a practical choice?

Toner Usage

The general projected output for each toner cartridge is generally based on a standard five percent coverage of a typical 8.5”x 11” paper. This translates to six lines of printed text per paper sheet or 1-inch square solid block.  A paper sheet with standard margins covers about 30 percent of toner use, depending on your used fonts. When you clearly understand how toner manufacturers come up with the toner cartridge’s output value, you’ll be able to see why getting near the projected output is far from reality.

What is toner-save mode? 

Toner save, toner saving, draft, economode—all these are choices to help minimize toner use. When you put your copier in these modes, it does not really change how dark or light your printed page is. Instead, it only uses less toner on the printed areas. 

Uses of Toner Save

When you are printing documents to make as your own files, or for inter-office documents, a toner-save mode is an ideal option. You can significantly save a lot of your toner if you print in draft mode. This only applies when your printed documents are not intended for your clients or customers to see, or when the printed image is not to be used as in artwork.

Using toner save mode is not even noticeable especially when printing text-only documents. Still, printed pages that are designed to be solid like larger texts or business logos, may look washed out when using toner saving mode. 

What is a light print? 

The lighten copy function basically adjusts the density of the output to correct the overall appearance of your document. This function does not lessen toner usage. When you use this option, take note that you are washing out your entire document’s page. While bold areas like solid logos and dark text do not get affected, those texts that are already light or halftone will be lost when using lighten print. 

Uses of light print option. 

You can change your copier’s density if you wish to lighten your output. Using light print also keeps you away from see-through printing—those images and texts you find at the back of a two-sided original document printed on a thin paper. Lightening photographs or putting images to the grayscale mode when needed is also ideal if you prefer to uniformly lighten the whole printed page.

How can you save on your toner? 

When you change the word processing program’s default font, you can significantly reduce your toner usage. You might be surprised how much difference this can make. In fact, changing Century Gothic font to Ariel can help reduce 30 percent of your toner use. When it comes to buying printers and copiers, the whole price only represents a very minimal portion of the machine’s cost. Apart from considering the price of the printer you are originally paying for, think also of the expense you incur when buying ink cartridges when your ink runs out. 

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