Digital devices can compete with other models, but growing in the business world takes effectiveness and efficiency. Attracting customers is not easy. There are tricks you have to be an expert about. Like any other tool, your printer should provide great degrees of efficiency to make it work to its full potential.

Some hints to make your copiers/printers more efficient:

  • Setting Defaults

There is a need to reprogram your computer settings on your printer anytime there is a need to use it. Try to consider the tasks you are going to use frequently. Set up the email addresses which are primarily used so that your employees won’t find a hard time typing them each time.

Setting up to select defaults during the initial phase was not enough. You should change defaults if you start to use a new function to accommodate them well. You can continue adding email addresses for scan documents that are frequently used.

  • Printer’s Capabilities

In operating a business, there is always a high expectation towards growing it and moving forward. Owning a printer or copier, you would always think about how it will create more production. Sometimes, most people don’t seem to realize the extent of their capabilities.

Some choose to have secure printing features. In this way, it will prevent employees from violating policies. Assigning a key operator in a printer would ensure efficient use, and that’s how some companies often do.

  • Toner Quality

In a printing business, printer cartridges matter a lot. Maintaining quality would be key to creating good customer feedback. It is not a smart decision to choose a low-quality printer cartridge just to cut costs and expenses. 

An all-in-one laser printer with a quality toner will have a professional-looking document from a reputable print provider. They ensure increased cost-effectiveness and also minimize downtime.

  • Printer Quantity

Think of how many users will use your printer, or who may be the person who prints the most or frequently scans documents. Think of your printer quantity as optimized for the appropriate number of users. Unsuitable usage of printers may compromise placement, whether or floor to place the equipment. 

No matter where the printer may be located, for some it will always be poorly located. The noise that the printer can make like paper shuffling, chatting, etc. should be considered also. Position your printers from distractions and disruptions.


Other short hints to make copiers efficient:

  • Use a surge protector to protect your machine in case of a power outage. 
  • Before loading the tray to reduce static electricity, fan the paper. Static electricity causes the paper pages to be jammed into the machine.
  • Store paper away from wet areas. Keep the paper away from moisture and avoid putting wet or damp paper into the feeder.
  • Check your printer’s specifications on the compatibility of the paper you are going to use. It should be compatible with your machine.
  • Remove all fragments when removing a jammed paper. Solid pieces of paper can cause the machine to jam.
  • Never reuse jammed papers, especially when it was already wrinkled or torn.
  • In removing jammed papers, never use sharp objects.
  • Use alcohol-free cleaner in cleaning the glass. Avoid spraying directly into the machine.
  • Make sure that when using your printer, your hands are dry and clean.


Having the right tool for your printing business won’t be enough to make it operate efficiently. Learn about things that you have to know more like the do and don’ts in your copier or printer. By understanding these things, you can make your printing business grow faster and move higher.

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