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Why Is A Plotter Better Than A Printer?

Many are surprised when they know that a plotter is the first device to print graphics in different sizes? Before the evolution of different types of printers, business owners used plotters for printing purposes. Although plotters are one of the oldest printing machines available, they are considered more efficient than new printers.

Compared to modern printing machines, plotters are initially designed to print vector graphics. Instead of using inks, a plotter uses a series of dots to create a print on media papers. One of the things that made plotters better than current printers is the printing quality they produce.

Although plotters have been in the printing industry for several years, many still don’t know what it is and how it works. This post will give enlightenment to individuals who are still confused with plotters and printers. Beyond that, anyone will also find a good idea about what made plotters better to use than printers.

What are Plotters?

As mentioned earlier, a plotter is a printing machine that is designed to print vector graphics. It allows people to create a high-quality output copy depending on the instructions set on the system. This printing machine is used to print a wide range of designs, including buildings, shops, and cars, on paper using a single pen.

The printing quality and preciseness was one significant thing that made plotters better than printers. Because of the precision it offers, plotters are mostly used in the engineering industry. The only drawback people see with this printing device is its price. Plotters are more expensive than printers. Despite being fancy, it can serve business owners for years. Other names for plotters include graph plotters.

Where Can Plotters Be Used?

There are lots of things that make a plotter one of the best printing devices in the market. A plotter is made with functionality in mind. Unlike printers, a plotter is designed to highlight clarity and accuracy.

In line with that, industries that require precise and accurate designing are recommended to use plotters. These industries include the following:

  • Product Engineering
  • Interior Design
  • Electronics Engineering
  • Construction
  • Architecture

Similarly, other craftsmanship, including pattern makers and mapmakers, are also noted to use plotters.

What Made Plotters Better Than Printers?

Despite being old, plotters are equipped with modern features. That is why most industries prefer using plotters over printers because of its benefits. Since printers are also widely available, some may be asking about their advantages.

Listed below are the things that made plotters better than printers.

Can Print Vector Graphics In Different Colors

One of the best things about plotters is their ability to print graphics in a wide range of hues. In addition, it is available in different types that are designed to generate various designs. Plotters can create graphics in different colours because it allows their users to use more than one pen.

Can Be Used In Different Industries

As mentioned above, plotters are used because of the accuracy they offer. Thus, industries that need accurate graphic designs are the number one users of plotters. Aside from that, a plotter can also be used in different situations.

Versatile and Affordable

One of the best things about plotters is that they are available at a very lower cost. Thus, it is highly recommended that anyone consider a plotter, especially those with a tight budget. The versatility of plotters is also another thing that made them better than printers.

Plotters are versatile because they can be used for different purposes. With that, it is believed that it can meet the printing demands of any company or individual.

Purchase Or Lease High-Quality Plotters Now!

There are several things that company owners will love about plotters than printers. Although this printing machine is quite old and has been in the industry for many years, it is still the best when it comes to producing precise and accurate printing output.

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