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Time To Replace Copier if You Encountered These Issues

Printers and copiers are complicated machines. In having that said, they can cause quite a lot of inconveniences to us that make us call repair services. There are times when your copier lease agreement can still cover the repair of your machines. There are also times when the whole copier leasing just starts being not worth it anymore because of the constant need for repair. In the latter situations, one can say that there may be a need for a replacement already. However, what exactly are the repair issues that indicate a time for replacing your copier?

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We have gathered information from copier lease dealers around Cleveland to list down the common issues indicating replacement:

Automatic functions now fail to work making you have to operate it manually.

This is a very obvious sign for replacement. Call your copier leasing Cleveland dealer for arrangements or terms that can help you get a replacement. Besides, if you bought it from them they’ll be happy to suggest a new one. If you lease it from them, they’ll come up with better deals to make up for the exhaustion of your device.

Automatic functions of printers and copiers are for even the most basic machine tasks. Therefore, if you can no longer rely on your machine to increase your productivity by performing even the slightest tasks, then it is time you get a new one.

A need to clean your print heads too often.

Don’t get me wrong, keeping your printers clean all the time is just healthy machine maintenance. However, if you have to keep your print heads clean everyday instead of just once a few days, then you are in trouble. Printers do not need to be cleaned as often as every day. If you find doing so because otherwise the machine wouldn’t function, then please consider getting a new printer.  Do not deal with this unnecessary additional task on your part. Your printer should work to help you be more productive, not the other way around.

Your wireless connectivity goes on and off. 

If you ever experience your wireless connectivity between your printer and a certain device magically go off and stay off for no reason, then that is a definitive sign for replacement. You don’t want a printer that disconnects your device during printing for no reason, making you redo your task all over again. Such unstable connectivity can cause delays, redos, and other inconveniences. Your office definitely wanted to avoid those in the first place, hence the copier lease.

You have to reconfigure your softwares all the time.

Ever find yourself constantly starting up that printer again like it is fresh off the box? Not so fun, right? Of course it’s not fun to repeatedly reinstall all your softwares and other systems in that printer just so it would properly work (you hope so, for a longer period this time).  This should never be the case for all printers. No business should suffer this inconvenience when they should be enjoying productivity boosts from the machine.

If you find yourself doing this often already, then there is some issue with your printer that repair cannot remedy. What you need is a full-on printer replacement.

Ink systems clog up way too frequently.

Ink issues are usually fixed by repair. However, if your ink systems start clogging up a lot in a not-so-normal frequency, then you might want to consider replacing your printer altogether. Your printer’s ink system should not even clog in the first place although of course there are instances there could have been some minor malfunction. Still, if it happens more than once in a short period of time, then call your dealer for replacement arrangements.