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Are Laser Printers Better for Occasional Printing?

Laser printers are known as expensive but durable printers by then. It is widely used for office and printing shops that require fast and quality printing outputs. The fastest monochrome laser printer is expected to print 200 pages per minute while the fastest colored laser printer can print over 100 pages every minute. Laser printers are made for intensive printing conditions however, it is still best for occasional printing.

 Are you tired of waiting for your document to finish printing? Sick of how slow your inkjet printer prints? Do you feel like you will always run out of ink? Worry no more and get yourself a laser inkjet. These printers last longer than inkjet printers and don’t need ink to print. It uses a toner cartridge instead of ink cartridges. The printer electronic setup uses a powder mixture that melts to bond with paper when heated and produces clean and decent printed documents.

 Buying a laser printer for personal use is less expensive than buying an inkjet printer. Inkjets printers, as the name implies, it uses ink to produce printed documents. Inkjets are very popular for occasional printing and most people will advise you to get an inkjet printer. However, Ink tends to dry out and clogged after some time when not in use. Inkjet printing is prone to smudges and spillage which is a hassle to the user and might cause paper jam. So, if you are blessed to have a bigger budget, why not choose to buy a laser printer for yourself?

Laser printers use toner powder so you don’t have to worry about frequently replacing cartridges and dried up inks because toner cartridges have a longer shelf life and can last for a couple of years even if the laser printer was left unused. Its output is also exceptional. It produces high quality and smudge printouts.

Benefits of using a laser printer at home

 Cost-efficient and quality printing

A toner cartridge can make you approximately 3000 quality pages for its best performance.

 Fast printing

In terms of performance, laser printers exceed the printing ability of inkjet printers that are slower, and less reliable.

 A single toner cartridge can last several years

Even an expired toner cartridge can last and serve you a few more years than stocking inks that will soon be dried up.

Less maintenance

Laser printers have less maintenance than that of inkjet printers. You don’t have to suffer from frequent and messy refilling of ink tanks. With laser printers, it may take a year/s to replace one single toner(depending on printing volume)

What is the difference between buying and leasing?

It is always best to buy your equipment. Copier lease may cost probably higher than when you directly purchase the machine. You can also avoid engaging in a long term contract that copier leasing has to offer. Establishments with loose budget opt to buy its laser printers for the utmost and frequent usage of these printers. Consumers at home with a low volume of printing buy laser printers because of their economical value.

 On the other hand, small businesses such as printing house companies may refer to copier leasing services because of a lack of funds. On the brighter side, copier leasing companies ensure a guaranteed warranty that includes repair services. Clear choice technical services are one of the companies that offer copier leasing services in Cleveland. Major services providers and factory dealers have parts supplies for your toner cartridge replacement and other wearable parts. Copier leasing in Cleveland is very popular not only for business establishments but also for rentals during events such as a convention, parties, and other events. Surely a copier lease is a must for a one time use or more.

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 In summary, laser printers are often mistaken as expensive machines so many consumers preferred buying an inkjet printer. Nonetheless, laser printers are very durable and are perfect for occasional printing. It requires less maintenance and performs well even left unused for some time (if stored properly).